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In the same time we want to inspire business confidence, while introducing our company, our general approach and our company principles to you.

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Contemporary Issues

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  • Do you have a consumer product and want to explore the Chinese market??
    Or do you miss a product here in China, which your Chinese friends like too?
    We start a new project! Contact us please!
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  • companies with traineeships wanted...
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  • New apartments and villas in Gaoxin and Qujiang for rent. Contact us please!
  • November 1st 2013,
  • next Germanspeaking Stammtisch
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  • set up a new collaboration plattform with the free software eGroupware

    Companies With Traineeships Wanted!

    Jehnichen Consulting Ltd. Xi'an gets involved with education in fields of universities and vocational education. In Germany already since many years the principle of dual education is practiced, but not in China. Here the students attend a vocational education school, like an university. The practical education is minimal, which is articulate with classes of 50 or more students.

    We are looking for companies, offering traineeships in all fields and professions, especially metal machining and mechatronics.
    Please contact us for more information!