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  • general approach
  • visa-service for foreign expats
  • university cooperations
  • market analysis, information acquisition
  • insurances
  • internship procurance
  • strategy consulting
  • Xi'an Orientation Tour
  • study abroad
  • establishing of business contacts and possibilities
  • integration services for newly arrived expats
  • visa-services
  • search for suppliers, procurement management
  • housing
  • search for trading-, sales- and cooperation partners
  • housekeeper
  • marketing concepts
  • schools
  • company- and product presentation
  • accompany and translation service to visit governmental offices, doctor or hospital
  • public relations and advertisement
  • intercultural training for arriving foreigners
  • exhibition coordination
  • representation in target country
  • foundation and aquisition of enterprises
  • company relocation
  • human resources, recruitment of experts
  • training for employees, and managerial staff
  • foreign controlling and crisis management

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    General Approach

    We accompany you – from the idea to the implementation of an economic endeavor – into the growing market of China. We offer our services to every industry, predominantly to German medium sized companies. The same services we offer to Chinese companies, willing to enter the European market. Of course English speaking clients are most welcome too.

    The way from the idea to implementation comprises:

    I. Target Analysis

    Together with you we analyze your expectations and targets (i.e. are they realistic?) and compare them with the facts of the Chinese market. Thus we can find out, whether your targets are in general achievable in China. At this point it is also possible that we might advise you to reconsider your commitment in China.

    II.Strategies, adjusted to your company

    „Those who are fond of practice without knowledge are like a sailor in a ship without a rudder or a compass, who, as a result, has no certain idea where he's going.“
    (Leonardo da Vinci)

    We create an eligible and individual “China Map” for you by providing you the necessary information. We equip you with a “compass” and, together with you, compile a strategy-steering-wheel, which exactly fits your company needs so that you can recognize and circumnavigate shallows and cliffs in time and thus avoid wreckage with your new China project.


    In a country like China, with a culture so contrary to ours, already smallest daily tasks post a problem whether it is due to communication problems or cultural differences. We are your competent partner to solve such problems! Our services not only comprise governmental and administrative tasks or the search for suitable cooperating partners but we also provide your German employees with intercultural trainings to actively prepare them for their new working and living environment.

    For a successful implementation of concrete projects, knowledge of the national and regional environment is just as vital as are close relations to local governments and companies. Currently we maintain strong municipal and industrial relations in the northwest of China, Xi'an, the capital of the Shaanxi province. That is why our implementation service focuses on this area. But we also offer our services, just like target and market analysis and strategy development, nation wide for the whole country.

    Why Focus On The Northwest Of China?

    In contrast to the hot spots at the coastal areas in eastern China China’s northwest still has a considerable price advantage, huge capacities in infrastructure and plenty of qualified employees. In addition, Xi'an is situated in a strategically advantageous location (pretty much the center of China) and comprises a historically important (distinguished) background (e.g. starting point of the famous Silk Road), which is to be reactivated nowadays.

    Furthermore the government’s intensive and ambitous efforts to close the prosperity gap between the rich east and the poor west of China render the Chinese northwest taylor-made for an attractive and predestined business locationdue to numerous tax advantages and other economic benefits.

    German products are demanded because of their stability. Enterprises and investors are highly appreciated for their high efficiency and quality consciousness and are warmly welcome in this promising region

    Expat Services

    Visa Service

    We arrange for our clients the visa affairs from a visa for a first visit, a working permit up to a residence permit for employees and their joining persons. We help for all kind of visa, especially for:


    Most employees, arriving in Xi'an, already have a health insurance. For the case, they haven't, we can convey a Chinese health insurance, covering diseases, accidents, dental problems and even including a travel health insurance for visits at home. Further there are some interesting insurances concerning private property and household. Please ask us for detailed information and prices.

    Xi'an Orientation-Tour

    Before the new employee finally moves to Xi'an, we offer an “orientation tour” through Xi'an, to show him compounds, schools, hospitals, supermarkets with western products, some restaurants, how to access communities and many more information about daily life in Xi'an. This tour gives him not only the necessary information to decide, where to search for an apartment/house. It helps him to get a general overview about life in the city and takes his fear about the unknown. The earlier an employee gets familiar with the city and the daily life, the sooner he starts to work with full power.
    A welcome tour starts around 9 am and lasts normally a whole working day. The client gets a list of places to visit in the morning. At the end, in a final debriefing, he gets a city map with marks of the most important spots, we have been visiting during the day.
    We suggest not more then 2 persons to keep the personal character of the tour.
    A car also can be organized, which costs extra.


    We help our clients to choose the right school for their kids and apply there. So we make appointments with the schools and organize a walk through. This is mostly included in the “orientation tour” above. For help with the application there might be some service fees in addition.

    integration services

    Xi'an has an active foreign community, such as the Xi'an "Foreign Business Forum" or the "Germanspeaking Stammtisch (only available in German)". The introduction of these and more foreign activities is of course part of our "Xi'an Orientation-Tour".


    According to the requirements we can search, make a pre-choice and introduce apartments to the client, accompany him to visit the place and negotiate the rent with the landlord.


    Many people prefer to have an “ayi”, keeping the household and/or take care of the kids. We can help them to find the right one for their needs.

    Chinese Driving License

    If the applicant already has a foreign driving license, all necessary steps to get an official and valid Chinese driving license are done by us. If there is no foreign driving license yet, we can introduce a driving school and arrange the translation for the lessons. This price depends on the driving school, so we have to negotiate each time again.
    Of course we also organize renewals of a Chinese driving license.


    Expats, arriving with pets, we offer a welcome package for their non-human family member and show them around to several pet-shops and veterinarians.
    The price depends on the efforts, we have to invest, and whether we have to register the pet (e.g. dogs).


    In case of departure we introduce a transportation company to the client, which is organizing the shipment of the furniture and household to his home country. Especially for German clients we offer a customs clearance service. Please ask us for detailed pricing.

    Intercultural Training

    For one person or for a whole group, for Chinese going abroad or for foreigners coming to China, we prepare your employees for their new working environment.

    Accompany & Translation Services

    Any issue with a governmental office or any visit at the doctor? We provide the right accompany to our clients - competent, flexible and the information stay there, where they have to be - within your privacy and not through your personal assistant in your company.

    Services for universities, students and education in general

    University Cooperations

    If your university is interested in foreign students from China, signing in as regular paying Bachelor- or Master-students, one or more of our partner universities would be glad to cooperate with you. The "paperwork" will be done by us.

    internship procurance

    Some universities and several vocational education schools are looking for traineeships in and around Xi'an. Every company is welcome, to join our traineeship database. It is for free for every company and has no obligations, but in case of need it makes it easier to find an intern. In Germany it happens very often, that former interns become one of the best employees in future.

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